Wil Dasovich

Wil is a multi-award-winning Youtube and Influencer from San Francisco, California. He traveled around Asia spending most of his time in the Philippines for over three years. His vlogs are a never ending adventure from country to country as he experiences different cultures and lives a life of spontaneity. His videos are well known for his high energy, wild antics, fitness, food, motivational talks, and hist current battle fighting cancer.


Everyone has a great potential, but for most people that potential remains dormant and undisturbed due to various self developing inhibitors like fear, comfort gravitation, and unrealized capability.

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Upon traveling, Wil was exposed to showbiz and found success as a host & TV personality. He decided to reside in the Philippines to pursue his passion as he began to make a career in the entertainment industry.

Things would take a turn as he eventually committed 100% to Youtube focusing all efforts on creating content.

The very first video he ever made on Youtube went viral and he would become widely recognized after creating a mini series called “The Art of Tagalog”, which documents his experience learning the filipino language and adapting to his new life in the Philippines.

Today, Wil continues to make videos about his daily life on his Vlog "Wil's World" which he posts to his Youtube channel.


Consisting of a mix between comedy and travel, you can find him doing all sorts of crazy antics involving eating rats, riding on top of cars, and performing all sorts of different acts in order to keep things as entertaining as possible or as he says: